bts of the gayest photoshoot ever ft the blonde straight member
"SNSD reaction to being proposed to" —Anonymous



I..I *starts to cry and nods rapidly while trying to smile instead of crying* Yes I would love too I can’t believe this is happening 


Omg lol you almost got me- wait that ring is real? Wow I can’t oh my gosh you want to marry me? I ..You ..I ..yes! oh my gosh I’m getting married!


Oh gosh I’m so flattered! I can’t believe it but I don’t think I’m ready to get married yet, lets wait a while okay? 


I hate you so much  *tears start falling rapidly down her face* I just did my make up and you make me cry by asking me to get married and showing that beautiful ring god of course I’ll marry you uh my poor eyeliner *wipes her eyes trying to fix her makeup*


My oh my oh my Yes oh gosh I am amazing everyone I’m getting married please support us and watch our engagement with love!


As long as you are ready for ten kids along with my new fashion career then hell yea e u e


I love you of course I’ll marry you without a doubt in my mind *smiles widely and leans over to kiss you*


You actually want to marry me? For real? oh my god I just cant *almost falls laughing before sitting up straight and calms herself* Okay I accept


Huh? I thought it was just assumed that I was already your wife you need to get on the same level as me dude

some of my favorite girl group friendships + interactions (but mostly friendships) for anonymous.